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Exercise: „White City“

Exercise: "White City"

˝The White City˝ interactive exercise had been realised in Belgrade in 2004th. We based it on the the invented scenario with invented characters and events in which the participants needed to find suitable solutions in order to successfully solve the exact case. All of the solutions we came up with during the exercise were based on the United Kingdom´s legislation and their experience with similar types of scenarios. The participants were allowed to use the practices and experiences their own native countries had had in the past, in cases that the solutions we came up with couldn´t have agreed with the legislation and customs of the Republic of Serbia.


˝The White City˝ was the round table type of exercise addressing the felony investigations. It represented the knowledge adoption type of exercise. The system is the one under the test, not an individual. If mistakes are bound to happen, then it is better to make them during the exercise than in the real life situations. The exercise lasted for two days.

The exercise participants were divided into two working groups which remained the same during both days. The very exercise was divided into series. Every series connected to the next. The problems were represented in every of the series separately. The time dedicated to the discussion of the problem in every group had been limited. The group participants were to take into account only the information they were given in all of the previous series.

After every single discussion, the manager of the exercise was in charge of picking out the group which would present their solution to the given problem. After that, all of the other participants were called upon to present their solutions.

The groups´ spoke persons were the one to present their solutions for the given cases and the problems addressed. The questions by the others were to be addressed to the spoke persons after the completion of their representations, and not at any moment before. All of the information is confidential.

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