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Terrorism and Negotiation

Terrorism and Negotiation

The publication titled ˝Terrorism and Negotiation˝ came out as the result of the previously written master´s thesis titled ˝The Role of Negotiation as an Answer to Tackling Nowadays´ Forms of Terrorism˝, and I wrote it as a student of the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Security Studies. The book is a suitable read for anyone interested in the topic and I hope it is going to be helpful in shading light on terrorism from the points of view never taken before. Namely, my primary wish had been to dive into the topics of terrorism as well as negotiation as a separate entity, to analyse them, and then present to the public the possibilities of using negotiation in encountering terrorism nowadays. I was motivated to do this research due to the ever growing number of terroristic attacks all around the world, but even more by the refusal of people in power to use negotiation instead of force as the more rounded and more comprehensive option which can turn the fight against terrorism into something truly successful.

Beside the topics related to the characteristics of terrorism and the characteristics of negotiation, the work is abundant in many other questions answered in regard to the broad subject of terrorism. Therefore the general and institutional definitions on terrorism are both given, the relation of terrorism to many similar subjects and types of offense , you are going to also encounter the characteristics of terrorism and terrorist attacks, as well as noticed and represented phases of one terroristic attack. When it comes to negotiation, I paid special attention to the modern usage of negotiation in diplomacy and the sphere of security affairs. Therefore those two are processed as separate units.

The third part of the book, which is the most important part related to the topic of terrorism, is dedicated to the importance and usage of negotiation as a mean of counterattacking terrorism nowadays. This book gives you the presentation on all the experiences we have had in facing the terroristic attacks in the past, as well as the pros and cons of using negotiation as a mean of communication with terrorists. And in the final chapter of the book you will be able to read and learn about the negotiation as the mean used when encountering different phases of a terroristic act, namely the preparation phase, the phase of executing the terroristic attack and the stabilization phase, because it can greatly help in preventing terroristic attack and lessen their number, it can help in rescuing hostages as well as gathering necessary information about the members of the terroristic cells and the cells themselves, so they can easily be targeted and arrested (…).