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Expert Discussion Panel: „Risk Analysis and Assessment in the Bomb Threat Situations“

Expert Discussion Panel: "Risk Analysis and Assessment in the Bomb Threat Situations"

The Crisis Management and Negotiation Center and the Risk Analysis and Crisis Management Center, investing mutual efforts, organised the first ever professional debate in Serbia on topic of the risk analysis and assessment in cases of bomb threat emergencies. The main goal of this debate was centred around the cases and comparison of the cases of bomb threats many institutions in the Republic of Serbia received over years. Based on the stories shared, the experts from the security fields gave their opinions, suggestions and possible forms of solutions for these types of situations.

Over 99% of the bomb threat calls are the false alarms and are directed and organised by people who are invested into causing the panic and disturbance of the usual activities. The characteristics of the disturbances and interruptions caused by these types of calls may vary on the seriousness and severity of the threats. All that may lead to the cases of severe and long belatedness in work done, to the cases of different types of inconveniences caused, comlications directed toward the employees and to the citizens in overall. But no matter what, these types of emergencies have to be thoroughly and carefully reviewed and considered and the objective assessment have to be undertaken in order for the credibility of the threat to be determined which will further lead to the assessment of the possible additional security measures to be put into place in order for the risk to be reduced. All of this taken into account it is understandable that the analysis process and the timely threat response tactics should be introduced in order for the threat and risk to cause the least possible amount of inconvenience and trouble to citizens.

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