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Practical workshop: “Hostage Crisis Management”

Practical workshop: “Hostage Crisis Management”

We inform you that the Crisis Management and Negotiation Centre (CMNC) offers an opportunity, for everyone interested, to attend the practical workshop on hostage crisis management, which will take place on June, 27th, 2015th. Workshop consist of both theoretical part, as well as the hostage crisis management simulation exercises.

During the workshops, the attendees will get the parts of the invented scenario of a hostage situation, broken down into the phases of occurrence. After each phase, the task of the attendees will be to prepare and hand out the solutions to the problems identified in the crisis, and all that according to the available pieces of the information about the case, they were given.

The aim of this very workshop is to give the attendees some basic knowledge of how to approach the hostage crisis management situations in an effective and adequate manner, either through hostage management in the early phases, or recognition of the hostage situation taking place, sampling of the necessary information needed for the hostage crisis solutions, and alike.

After the workshop is completed, the attendees will receive the official CMNC certificate as well as the book “Hostage Crisis Management˝.

If you are interested to apply and take part, please send us your info (name, surname and phone number) to the e-mail address provided bellow:
info@pregovarac.rs .

Kind regards!