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Online course: “Introduction to Criminal Profiling”

Online course: “Introduction to Criminal Profiling”

Dear friends,

We inform you that the Crisis Management and Negotiation Center (CMNC) in cooperation with the Criminal Profilers Association (CPA) offers you an opportunity to attend the online course titled ˝Introduction to Criminal Profiling˝ .

Criminal profiling represents a research method used for the identification and locating of the unknown repeat offenders. Therefore this course will consist of the topics such as the history of the criminal profiling, differentiation amongst the basic profiling tools, familiarization with the basic method and techniques of profiling, the analysis of the entry data, as well as the fact that the students will be given the opportunity to study case the profiling.

The aim of this very course is to give everyone interested the opportunity to gain new knowledge and broad the previously accessed horizons in regard to this topic – all that through studding the methods, tools and techniques used in profiling of the repeat criminal offenders.

The attendance of this online version of the course means that one will have to set up his / hers user account where he / she will be able to access and share the teaching materials in regard to this very course. And after one goes through all of the study sheets and other teaching materials in order to acquire necessary knowledge, one is under the obligation to take all of the courses related to this topic in order to be able to successfully finish the course.

After the course is completed, the attendees will acquire the official CMNC certificates. All of the attendees will also get the opportunity to apply for the membership within CMNC and/or CPA. They will also be able to attend the practical offender profiling workshop and participate in the offender profiling case study, which requires the possession of the basic knowledge of profiling.

The course will take place on May, 29 th, 2017th and will span across the course of three weeks.
The attendance fee is 2000 RSD.

In order to apply we ask of you to send us your basic info (name, surname and phone number) at the e-mail address provided below:
info@pregovarac.rs .

Kindest regards !