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Lecture: “International Espionage”

Lecture: “International Espionage”

Dear students,

We inform you that the Crisis Management and Negotiation Center (CMNC) organises the lecture on topic ˝International Espionage˝, which will be held on April, 18th, 2015th.

The series of lectures consist of both practical and theoretical parts. Theoretical part is based on topics of dangers of espionage, as well as the topics related to the espionage security defences. Therefore the focus will primarily be on the topics of espionage, the forms of espionage and defence systems against espionage. After the theoretical part is done, the lecturer will engage the attendees with the form of practical assignment.

The lecture is intended for the students of the Faculty of Security Studies, the Faculty of Political Science, The Academy of Criminalistics and Police Studies and Military Academy.

All of the attendees will receive the book “Weapons Against the Abductors II: Ten unsuccessful hostage liberation operations”, as well as the CMNC certificate. The price of the lecture is 1200 RSD.

We ask all of the interested persons to send us personal info at the e-mail address provided below:
info@pregovarac.rs .

Kindest regards!