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Course: „Individual Protection Procedures during Emergencies“

Course: "Individual Protection Procedures during Emergencies"


Comparing the pieces of information we acquired from the past, about the existing forms of self-organisation of citizens in former Yugoslavian republics, in regard to the security affairs of the State, and the actual statistical data telling us that only the minority of municipalities in Serbia have done the official risk assessment and created plans of protection and rescuing in cases of natural catastrophes or other emergencies; as well as taking into account the insufficient or even non-existing education of citizens about behaving during emergencies, it is obvious that the forms of organised and efficient approach to protecting and rescuing procedures during emergencies in Serbia, are, sadly, non-existent.

Therefore, in order to raise the awareness, as well as to improve and raise the level of personal safety of citizens of Serbia, thus directly affecting the safety of society in general, the non-government organisation titled the Crisis Management and Negotiation Center offers the opportunity, to those interested, to attend the theoretical-practical course titled: “Individual Protection Procedures during Emergencies” .

The aim of the course we organise is to enable the attendees to familiarize themselves with the theoretical and practical knowledge in regard to emergencies through the set of educational programmes which will address the topics of emergencies and how they are seen through the prism of legislature in Serbia, then educate on who are the subjects of the organised systems of protection and rescuing in the Republic of Serbia, what are the individual rescuing and protection procedures and techniques one should abide by, and many other topics.

The course will last for the six consecutive hours, and it will be given by the expert in many safety and security areas, Branko Djurdjevic, the retired Director of the Department of Security of the Republic of Serbia, and the military vessel Captain.

The course will take place on October, 30, 2016, starting at 10 am, at the CMNC premises.
After the completion of the course, all of the attendees will acquire the official CMNC certificate. The fee for this course is 2000 RSD.

In order to apply, please send us your personal information (name, surname and phone number) to the e-mail address provided below:
info@pregovarac.rs .

Kindest regards!