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Assertive training: „Overcoming Stressful Situations“

Assertive training: "Overcoming Stressful Situations"


We inform you with great satisfaction that the Crisis Management and Negotiation Center (CMNC) in cooperation with the team of certified psychologists, organises the first in the series of trainings aiming at the empowerment of citizens in handling and overcoming personal crisis and conflicts.

In this type of assertive training named ˝Overcoming Stressful Situations˝, the stress is upon overcoming and managing stressful situations through the set of concrete exercises and techniques such as: breathing, meditation, progressive relaxation and alike.
The training consists of the definition of stress as the first level of training, then it progresses to the assessment of the personal type in the context of stress, the next is the guiding progressive relaxation and the set of REIKI anti stress exercises.

The Crisis Management and Negotiation Center and its Sector for Personal and Professional development pay special attention to counselling, supporting and directing each and every citizen of our country, with this type of training we offer.

The training will be held on June, 4th, 2016 on the CMNC premises and the fee is 1600 RSD. After the completion of the training, all of the attendees will be given the official certificate.

If you are interested, we kindly ask of you to send us your personal information (name, surname and phone number) to the e-mail address provided bellow:
info@pregovarac.rs .

Kind regards!