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Practical Exercise of Rescuing Hostages, held in Slovenia

Practical Exercise of Rescuing Hostages, held in Slovenia

The exercise of rescuing hostages had been held in the police training center in Gotenica, Slovenia.
Members of many countries, assigned to the peacekeeping corpses, had attended the exercise. ˝Peacekeepers˝ were taken as hostages by ˝terrorists˝ during the exercise, during the ˝peacekeeping mission˝ in a foreign country. The hostage rescuing party had been assembled of the Elite Special Operations members and the Slovenian negotiation police team. A part of ˝hostages˝ had been rescued through negotiation, while the others were freed during the special ops team action.

By taking part in this exercise, the future peacekeepers were able to, in a way, feel the how it looks like to be taken hostage by terrorists. It was an interesting and educating experience before all of them depart to their future missions in all those countries deemed risky.

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