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Online course: Tracking Tactics and Self-protection Measures

Online course: Tracking Tactics and Self-protection Measures

Relying on the large quantity of data about the stalking victims and cases which unfortunately somehow had always ended up under the most tragic of circumstances, the Crisis Management and Negotiation Center (CMNC) has taken upon themselves to offer you the opportunity to attend the online form of course on ˝Tracking Tactics and Self-protection Measures˝ .

This course will be abundant in standards and guidelines given, applicable in the real life situations, which as such serve as markers for the tracking. As the facts speak for themselves, it is of the utmost importance to be familiar with the event that may harm any ofus , thus it is important to know how to protect ourselves. Therefore the attendees will first and foremost be given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the basic principles of the tracking tactics and some of the tricks as well which the members of the Ministry of the Interior use in their line of work, but also criminal offenders.

Through familiarizing attendees with the educational material on the aforementioned topics, and some video material which serves as the follow up on that educational material, we aim to target the very amount of victimhood in such cases, and bring it to a minimum.

The course is going to last for three weeks and after applying once, all of the attendees will be given the opportunity to set up their online accounts and will be given the passwords for the accounts, so they can access the educational material prepared for them. At the end of the first and second week, it is required of every single student to take the Control Test 1 and Control Test 2. At the third and the last week of course, students have to pass the Final test, respectively the final exam.

The course starts on Monday, Feb, 20th, 2017th. After its completion, the attendees will acquire the official CMNC certificates. The course attending fee is 2000 RSD.

In order to apply, please send your personal info (name, surname and phone number) to the e-mail address provided below:
info@pregovarac.rs .

Kindest regards!