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Personal and Professional Development Sector

Personal and Professional Development Sector

Main goals of this Sector are:

1. to raise the awareness among the citizens about the importance of the personal and professional development through improvement of knowledge received, skills, habits and viewpoints;
2. to inform the citizens of the possibility of developing further their personal and professional abilities through attending seminars, workshops, tribunes and by getting in touch with professionals and experts in many fields;
3. to organise programmes aiming at the strengthening the civil sector in overcoming personal forms of crisis and conflicts.

In order of accomplishment these goals, Personal and Professional Development Sector experts are especially focused on support, consultation and guidance of:

• the victims of sexual, physical and psychological forms of violence;
• children who come from the broken families or who are without adequate parental supervision;
• citizens with special needs;
• citizens who suffer from depressive, anxiety and other disorders;
• unemployed citizens;
• the former criminal offenders who undergo the rehabilitation procedures etc.

Beside all activities we mentioned, and in order to help citizens to develop their mental stability and focus, this Sector also offer the possibility to those interested to attend the Krav Maga classes, as well as the Integrative therapeutic Yoga classes.

The Krav Maga Global (KMG) is practical and tactical form and method of combat which trains you to prevent, solve and overcome every type of violent occurrence, such as being attacked, for example. Krav Maga teaches their students the forms of self-protection, self-defence through martial arts and combatant skills, as well as the skills of defending others through the unique and versatile, all-around way of teaching. It helps you reach the technical, tactical, physical and mental improvement. Krav Maga includes topics such as:

• precaution, vigilance, prevention, avoidance and retreat;
• throws and falls under any condition, in any way and/or angle;
• attack and counter-attacks against any target, at any distance, angle, direction, at any rhythm and done from any possible positions and body positions;
• usage of any object at hand as an instrument for defence and self defence;
• defence in cases of unarmed attacks through hand to hand combat and by using every part of your body;
• freeing oneself from any grip form, holding and clutch;
• the defence from the knife attacks or any form of assault with pointed and sharp objects, canes, blunt objects and attacks by fire arms.

There are many Krav Maga programmes and systems suited for military, police forces, security agencies´ members, etc.

Integrative therapeutic Yoga is the exercising system tailored for every individual in terms of hers/his age, physical condition, and momentary capabilities of their body. The yoga exercises and breathing techniques help the stability and health of the spinal system, they balance the organism, nervous system, help improve the blood circulation, are favourable to the respiratory system, they neutralize the exhaustion, relieve us of stress and tension and in overall they improve our mental health. Integral therapeutic yoga integrates the elements of the other similar techniques such as: reiki, couching, quantum harmonization, autogenous training and other.