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Training for Negotiators at Educational Center Avala

Training for Negotiators at Educational Center Avala

The fifth cycle of The Basic Training for Police Negotiators took place from 18-29th, October, 2010. The training was organized by the Administrative department for professional education, training, specialization and science, of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of The Republic of Serbia, and The Negotiation Team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The training was organized for the members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but there were also participants from abroad, namely one member of Croatian and one member of Slovenian police forces.

This training consisted of 80 classes which spanned across 10 days. It took place on the premises of the Educational Center ˝Avala˝. The training was split into two bigger units. The first unit consisted of theoretical classes, 64 of them in total. The second part consisted of practical exercises and their analysis, 16 classes in number in total. During the training 12 very important educational units were lectured upon. All of them were related to the topics of communication skills, tactics of negotiating, management of crisis situation as well as to how different police departments cooperate in these types of situations.

The aim of this training was to stress the importance of solving crisis and conflict situations in a manner studied and showcased during the training, as well as to give the necessary knowledge to all of the students attending the training and equip and enable them to do the job of police negotiator. The task we aimed for proved to be successful as all of the attendees had shown the high level of acquired knowledge during the simulation exercise at the end of the training on October, 28th, 2010. They were given the official degree certificate for the successful attendance of the ˝Police Negotiator Training˝, which gave them the right to do the job of police negotiator.

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