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About Association

About Association

Crisis Management and Negotiation Center – CMNC (˝Association˝ in further text) is voluntary, non-profit, non-government association, established in 2004 with the aim to achieve goals in further fields: advancement in the fields of peaceful solutions in cases of conflict and crisis situations and risk management; knowledge, skills and competence innovation in regard to safety and security culture among citizens, and the rise of awareness and capacities for self and mutual protection among them; encouragement to use non-forceful methods in order to achieve legitimate societal interests and encouragement professional and personal development of individuals and realisation of their freedoms and rights in society and State.

The work of Association includes offer of the following services, as mentioned:

– counselling and assistance during negotiations (security negotiations, diplomatic and/or business negotiations);
– counselling and assistance in solving conflict situations;
– organizing educational seminars as a way of improving communicational and active listening skills;
– organizing educational seminars directed at management of crisis situations;
– organizing educational seminars directed at advancement in the field of management of business meetings, problem solutions and business selection;
– assistance in peacefully solving cases of litigation.

The Association uses the following methods in the course of its work:

– implementation of its own and/or group projects;
– establishing cooperation with domestic, international and foreign organisations with similar objectives;
– cooperation with government bodies, territorial and local government bodies in the state;
– cooperation with individuals, institutions, professional associations which can contribute to the achievement of the goals of the Association;
– organisation of trainings, workshops, lectures and public gatherings with the aim of educating and informing citizens about the work the Association is conducting;
– publishing of the reports about the researches and observations the Association has been conducting via Association´s newsletter, as well as via other media sources,
– publishing the Association´s work report;
– publishing of the researches conducted by other members of the public and professional studies pieces;
– assisting in creation of the general national strategic programmes and legislature;
– assistance to either individuals or institutions facing the crises and difficulties in solving conflict situations;
– follow up on application of adopted measures and legal acts;
– follow up on experiences and anti-corruption policies in other foreign countries in transition.

The overall work of the Association, toward achievement of the aforementioned goals, is realized through function of three of Association´s sectors: Education Sector, Social Development Sector and Personal and Professional Development Sector.