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Online course: ˝Digital forensics – investigation, gathering and processing of evidence˝

Online course: ˝Digital forensics - investigation, gathering and processing of evidence˝

Dear friends,

We inform you with great satisfaction that the application process for all of you interested in our brand new online course, organized under our Education Sector supervision, has begun!

The topic of this online course is ˝The Digital Forensics – investigation, gathering and processing of evidence˝, which will teach you all about the steps in the digital processing of the crime scene. In the very focus of the course are:

1. Digital forensics as science;
2. The method and conduct of the digital investigation;
3. Gathering of digital evidence and its processing;
4. The relation between physical and digital type of crime scene;
5. Tools and techniques used in digital forensics.

The course´s overall aim is to equip you with the new knowledge in regard to this topic, and raise the level of knowledge all of you had previously had, through learning about methods, techniques and procedures used in crime scene digital forensic analysis.

MOODLE is the online learning platform we are going to give you access to in order to be able to attend this course. Precisely, we are going to create you user profile and password for this platform, where you will be able to see and use accordingly all of the teaching materials presented for this course, as well as to access the tests we will ask of you to take so we will be able to assess your knowledge. You will be able to, once the course starts, log in to your accounts whenever you are able throughout week, in order to read and learn, but at the end of every course week, students are under obligation to take the online test prepared for them. At the very end of the last course week, all of the attendees will have to take the last and at the same time, Final test. For all of you interested in finding out more about this topic, we have prepared some additional materials.

The students who pass the tests successfully will obtain the official Crisis Management and Negotiation Centre certificate. Also, for the first 20 of you who apply for the course, we have prepared the book authored by Luke Harding ˝Snowden Files˝. And to top all of this, for all of you interested in taking also the online course ˝Hostage Negotiation˝, it will be available to you at half a price in a package (800 RSD). You can find more about our ˝Hostage Negotiations˝ course at:
http://pregovarac.rs/elektronski-kurs-talacko-pregovaranje/ .

The courses start on February, 12, 2018. and last for three weeks.
The ˝Digital Forensics˝ course fee is 2000 RSD.

We kindly ask of all of you who are interested in the courses, to send us your info such as name, surname, phone number and occupation at our e-mail address provided below:
info@pregovarac.rs .

Kindest regards!