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The CMNC Education Sector offers a possibility of education through online courses in order to bring the knowledge closer to all those who are not for some reason able to attend the practical workshops and lectures our center organises in its premises, which are situated on the territory of the city of Belgrade.

In order to be able to attend online courses, one needs to set up the online profile account and then students will be given the access user name and password for every and each course they attend. By setting up the online account at web page: http://pregovarac.rs/ckmp_kursevi/login/index.php , all of the attendee students acquire the possibility to access the educational materials created for the educational purposes, separately for every course we organise, and to also access the tests we give after every educational unit is completed. The test times are limited, every question is assigned certain number of points, which gives us the possibility to assess the work and knowledge of our students. In order for an attendee to successfully complete the course, he/she needs to score 7 or higher mark at the final test at the end of the course.

The timing of the online courses may span from three to four weeks.

You can learn more about Moodle here: http://pregovarac.rs/o-moodle-u/ .

You can get to know more about the ongoing online courses we offer via sending us an e-mail to webmail address: info@pregovarac.rs .