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Hostage Crisis Management

Hostage Crisis Management

The monograph titled ˝Hostage Crisis Management˝ is the PhD of the author of the book, titled: ˝Hostage Crisis Management System”. It was defended at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Security Studies. It represents a suitable reading material to everyone interested, and its aim is to showcase the hostage crisis from the point of view of those who are responsible to properly answer these types of crises.

˝My wish, above all, was to explore and analyse all of the systems and tactics in cases of hostage crisis employed in another countries, as well as to gather together experiences all of the member of the forces had during such incidents and in their lines of work. The crisis management concept is something fairly new to Serbia, both in theory and in practice. The hostage crisis are the types of crisis which can be affected in many ways and by many factors. Therefore it is paramount for us here to build the proper and adequate system of hostage crisis management which has its foundations based on scientific as well as good practical experiences in this field. What I tried to do by writing this dissertation was to stress out the fact that the organisation plays the central role in the hostage crisis cases and that the final outcome of the crisis solely depends on the management organisation.”

The recognition of the hostage crisis management as the special type of management is started by acquainting everyone with the general theoretical knowledge about management. This dissertation contains the basic principles and theories of management, from the very first schools of management, all the way to the contemporary management theories. The work analyses also the systems of hostage crisis management in many of the nowadays countries such as USA, Germany, France, Croatia, Slovenia. In regard to every country, there are the hostage management systems represented the way they are applied in every country, separately, from interventions, negotiations, management processes during the crises. The hostage crisis management of the Republic of Serbia is also analysed in the lieu of bettering the hostage crisis management system in our country (…).